www.chinannc.com (Northern hunting culture website) is based on my father (Gude Qing) in the early 1980s, visits Daxinganling hunting people - Oroqen and Aoluguya Ewenki of thousands of sheets of the Picture as well as visits diary, Designed with compiling order. Involving hunting culture, and life of the content. It will gradually disappear in the hunting culture today, as anthropologists, ethnologists and hunting enthusiasts to provide a more comprehensive and detailed national culture reference, is a set of graphic video in one, rich in content and a rare database.


My father Gude Qing devoted his life to hunting culture of northern ethnic minorities, in the early 1980s, He entered the deep mountains with hunters for tracking and hunting for dozens of times.Regardless of severe cold and heat, he followed the hunting toops to travel long distances in the virgin forest. With the hunting team through the winter without the snow off his knees; summer wading waist deep in the River Road, go one day to go a few hundred policeman prey. Live only a layer of cloth “ the pillar of the immortal” , sleeping outdoors in a bad environment, and even rain snow, have to live with the disease and alone. Nevertheless, but father still persist in using the camera and documented a large number of fresh and vivid materials regarding the hunting life of Oroqen and Aoluguya Ewenki. Leave the higher the value of national literature for future generation including religion, clothing, tools, pictures and so on.


Father said: "Today is tomorrow''''s history, Why don''''t we seize today to record the history for tomorrow?" This remark inspired me and my brother (Gu Tao), to us more. After our father died, my brother (Gutao) picked up a camera in the early 21st century, and into Aoluguya Ewenki, along the tour route that father had, to record the situation of nation''''s living in the new century by camera.


I live in the Oroqen minority areas since childhood, and I grew up with Oroqen playmate, and I loved the people there. Therefore, the national launch of "community cultural protection project" in the background, due to the respect of the hunting culture, I have the responsibility and obligation to complete the work - after long-term thinking and preparation of order preparation, set up this website-www.chinannc.com.
Inheritance of my father’s work. Same time, appeal to more people concerned about the hunting culture in North threatened with extinction of life, but also concerned about the culture of exchange of scholars and enthusiasts discuss platform.


www.chinannc.com dedicated to explore the northern hunting culture, heritage and promoting Northern China Oroqen and the National Old Aoluguya Ewenki hunting culture, to be a platform which transmission of northern hunting culture.

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