The ancestors of Oroqen believed in Shamanism. This is a primitive religion, the natural world as God - the day, month, water, fire, mountain, forest, grass and wood, these are the object of their worship. Among the gods, mountain god in charge of hunting, he has special status in their heart.

1、Selected and carved: Better to choose a pine with tall and thick straight, carved the elderly face in the trunk of about half a meter above the ground, these pictures which overflowing hunter’s hope.

2、Mountain sacrifice: Put offering in front of the god of mountain before worship - Meat (Paozi usually), alcohols and tobaccos.

3、Worship the god of mountain: It’s the day to worship the god of lunar in the first month of the lunar year 15th in the past, to pray with Oroqen language: bless luck forever. The prey that each hit is the god's gift, even a few of harvests, must consecrate the meat as offerings to the god of mountain, for thanks and prays good luck again as well. If could not hit the prey in number of days, will pray to the god of mountain bless and complaining. The hunter would light cigarettes stuffed into the mouth of carved god without sacrifices, to pray to solve the problems.

Oroqen of ancestors worship the god of mountain was usually presided by shaman, he is the messenger between God and human.Before liberation, Oroqen people living on horseback in the way of movement.

Clansman made local medicine cure ailments, but serious illness rely on shaman. Clansman gather around as a circle, in the middle ignite a fire, Shaman dance around the patient in the middle of the circle, "Shaman Dance" (commonly known as Dances to God).
Dance to God must be wearing a suit (who encrusted bells, copper ring), God shoes, God hat, hand-held drums (Oroqen language called "Wentuwen") and the drumstick, singing and drumming. Please have to sing a tune of a god, and some tunes similar with folk songs, in order to convey God's will and pray for blessing.
Shaman Sacred have been banned after the liberation, the natural belief with thousands of years of this nation was announced be over along with the last Oroqen shaman passed away.

The ancestors of Oroqen think that the soul is immortal after death, and therefore need to hold a grand funeral, in order to go to heaven or reincarnation of the soul as soon as possible. When old people died, put on the shroud, before dawn encoffined, park in the "pillar of immortal" within a few days for mourning family, friends and relatives was informed of condolence. Friends and relatives came and brought the rack, meat and clothing, to offer these to the dead altar. If the deceased is a woman, inform her family as soon as possible and follow the burial views of her mother's.

The traditional funeral way of Oroqen was wind burial (also called tree burial, celestial burial), TiaoShen hosted by the shaman for send-off ceremony. The way of burial is gradually localization after the settlement, most of is inhumation and cremation.

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