Before 17 centuries, Oroqen hunting organizations "Wulileng" (Oroqen Language: Future generations) as the unit collectively, called the "Wulileng family commune system."
Hunting equipment are bow and arrow, bar gun, arrows, deer whistles and a few of iron, but most bar gun or bow and arrow to "Bone arrowhead"、 "Stone arrowhead", hunting is a collective labor by the person or household on average distribution of income, to solve "clothing and meat" problems for members. After the Qing dynasty, the Qing government open a regular basis, "Chu Lehan," (fair trade), which promote the contact chance between Oroqen and neighboring nation, advanced pan, Iron axe, Iron knife, Iron bar and guns, horses and production of daily necessities entered Oroqen life.

Early 1950 after the liberation, Oroqen settle down under the Government's Help, out of the mountains and live in concrete structure houses, from floating life to settled life officially until 1958.Hunters Village began with supply and marketing cooperatives. They began to set up kindergarten, school, hospital and other facilities, the concept of average assign of thousands of years have changed and money began to flow, some hunters gradually began agricultural production instead of  hunting, they set up a collective farm and learned the technology of how to plant pfungus, fritillaries and vegetables.

"Notice hunting" issued officially in 1966, Oroqen people put down hunting-guns and have to say goodbye to the age of hunting. With the growing of modern civilization and values, Oroqen became a commodity economy gradually: the traditional birch bark crafts as a folk-custom souvenirs sold to tourists from faraway, various agricultural and sideline products accordingly came into Oroqen’s life.

This window showed some greatest historical value and precious rare photos which recorded the daily life of Oroqen nation was.

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