After 20 years, along the footsteps of his father that year, my brother and I once
    again set foot on peach care of this land, to record with our view that China's
    last hunting tribe


September 18, 2010
Yakeshi train from Beijing to sit 29 hours, the window landscape magically wiped from the early autumn olive green straight to the glowing green gold and a trace of yellowish brown color, the color is not like a messy clean tone color palette, but it is
Autumn scenery, scenery Yakeshi is standing in this small town in the very modern, only the station west of an old wooden waterwheel restored childhood. Old friends are still warmly welcomed us and have a warm
1:00 bulky baggage with us and go to the root of the river on the Green Paper on the train, walk in the Green Mountains on the backs of cars move slowly breathing heavily, the crew kept adding coal to the boiler, hard seat carriage still hot
Not up, cold lump pressing. Young man sitting next wrapped in leather jacket and took out a dog do not know where, and he, like the yellow color of the clothes, holding his chest to keep warm. The back seat of a suit salesman look like a young South
Who apparently did not estimate the temperature of the North in late autumn night, his mouth kept sizzling. Sister group with several students hold each other warm. Gradually in the dark compartment sleep, wake up middle of the night was cold, put the plan on
When the luggage mountain wear, inner feelings with the help of friends before the line, out for so many years, this really is the first time to experience the happiness brought by high-tech
5:00, little star glowing out of the window, the deep blue sky contrasting with the ghostly shadows of the trees, too elusive mystery
September 20, 2010
The depths of the Mountains marching facing the sunset
Hailar to full return of the train cars should be the least of China. Only four, of which only a sleeper, so we do not make up a sleeper is normal. Feeling normal world, it was all in hard seat compartment
To reflect, as the front seat of several migrant workers last night brother, first good drink, along with a growing voice on weekdays contradictions finally ordered the emotional effects of alcohol have become out of control, the final fight,
To be tired this morning, your eyes are dim one, it seems that nothing had happened, and travelers around the common-like calm, like us, because we all know, this is the north. Air North
The atmosphere was filled with alcohol, also have no hatred of violence.

Night eye is not closed, the morning reeling Root River to smell fresh air. Fell down to sleep in the station's "victory" hotel, simply take off his shirt to slacks.

Aoluguya afternoon quiet village, clouds, revealing flashes of light in the Nordic grid Ewenki new home on the roof, where the Society's wife's mother said: the sun is not coming through.

Ballet aunt Vanguard in spite of the walls were covered with warm oil paintings, still seems deserted, the old para constantly rubbing his eyes, said to be cataract. Now I can get nothing out. The last years she was still painting. I did not expect this half
Actually such a big change in, the feeling is slowly flowing time in Aoluguya as fly as they jumped forward away, my heart went so far inexplicable sense of sadness. Society's brother in law what, Zhuo Ye's brother Iraq and Afghanistan to help us with enthusiasm rent
Aaron on the car. Not forget to bring a few bottles of beer on the way to break up the monotony. Window is the familiar mountain. Tree management and protection stations, roadside occasional hare flash, the car properly tacky songs in the night the moon makes my heart at ease
Iraq and Afghanistan
Vanguard Iraq and Afghanistan showed me text messages sent from Hainan, "Hello, I am now busy drawing painting it, but also to help out NIE teacher training courses, jogging every morning, living, and Sanya each day is like too
As busy years, in order to spare his life, I rarely drink. Brothers, I want you, and you not drink it! "But Iraq and Afghanistan, or did not drink less, empty bottles at the foot of Table Tennis in a collision. I bump
The car made a text message to Vanguard: Vanguard, I now go to Afghanistan and Iraq and Afghanistan Longshan road, also met with para aunt, fortunately, did not call me what, in fact, I recently took the time to hear the news of your drunk I was hurt, I think the old summer
Teachers will be more sad; we all love you, because your character and talent. Ao Township everything, you do not miss, but para aunt's eyes is not good, I think she has been rubbing the afternoon, very hard to accept, you can not make more
Great mother sad, summer teacher is busy, do not you want to help the man she is not more difficult it? Will be out of your poems, this is my promise, let the world see what real art is to see your blood vessels
The blood flowing with love and how sad ... ...

To Ah Shan, see Yuliang, Baiyan Bo and Hu came to this movie, naturally happy to drink up, because Iraq and Afghanistan back to the root river, only reluctantly got up, the driver to wait, and large waves to the Yu-liang leave, and said
: The end of my escort, and you then take care of the security They now! Finish line of a standard military salute, King left end and went door Shiyou turn said: I really do not want to leave you.

Ao village in the afternoon after understanding that, most people in the village 200 kilometers from the Ao's hunters point, I heard a large Hulunbeier league leaders tomorrow to go to Hunters Point study, the village mayor and his party organization and the old hunter to arrange and layout.
So we decided to take the first hunters point. Put on outdoor padded trousers, including a car overnight to A Longshan Forest, 70 kg of luggage with us, against the deep sunset marching to the Mountains

September 21, 2010
在海南晒太阳恋爱中的维佳  在敖鲁古雅森林享受甜蜜新婚的简克
Love the sun in Hainan Ao 鲁古雅森林 Vanguard enjoy the sweet wedding in Jane grams
Jian Ke married, Vanguard love, Hunters Point began a new era heard today in the Root River to Hunters Point Hulunbeier league secretary condolences to do, Yuliang early to go to knock on the door said to be early, such as road closures not better, IWe ate dumplings and porridge car on the road, this is the best time to go dirt road, to the secretary, to present a flat。
Nearly 10 points to a big point, Maria • cable wear nice dark red with flowers Jiaao, constantly rubbing his hands, looks a little cramped, she knew this was a special day. Point to a new branch on the three tents, steel keelRack covered with white cotton canvas, canvas contented glare, such as Beijing subway ride over security of PVC shed, really, and tourist spots more and more like a feeling.Mighty advance force to the earth, the big round table with a glass surface, chairs, red and white tablecloths. Chefs work again. Spectacular and warm lunch, falling snow and pine in the wine, the people sing the toast of the ringToru Mountains in late autumn, all the peaceful and beautiful surroundings, only regret is not here any agreement. Wine do, end of the piece, people cleared, restored quiet hunting point, where we help the Society carry the wood to build new homes wedding of the gate strong gColumn, Kennedy grams married, Vanguard love, Hunters Point began a new era.September 22, 2010
Tonight the moon is round, the mountains hanging in the trees, the moon Poxian sprinkling cool camp.
Yesterday, two soil plane and a monkey village with the car down the mountain back to Ao, we slept in their house, white walls, silver gray iron bed, comfortable in a certain location like a resort. Fast asleep when the snow outside the float. The crackling
The fire came the familiar sound of the harmonica sound.
What a lot of white hair, the Association, the body is not as before, but the talk in the past and the father of La Jimi hunting scene, the spirit of the first on the up. He said that once a bear wounded, wounded bear had climbed up his forceTree, the tree panic when a bullet bag stuck in the middle of the tree, so he climbed up a gun but no bullets . Could only watch their dogs and the bear under the tree deal. Of course, is no match for bear hunting dogs, and finally onlyTo run back to camp, where the Society and the tree with a belt tied themselves to bear such a confrontation and a night under the tree. Camphor pine because there are many prickly branches, bears can not go up easily. If other trees, where the Society is finished.Wait until the dogs brought to the La Jimi killed the bear. He only came down and the Society. That year, he was just a teenager.Bo Tao, the recent trouble at the point the bear damage has, over the years to the Han Chinese mining pine cone and fruit growing, bears also do not have money to come to the point catch reindeer, the reindeer wrestled away three ten meters. After the police to point squatA few days, did not wait until the bear, the gun to stay in the point, finally killed the bear Bo Tao, now on display at the GE army bearskin tourist point.Today is August 15, He set off early in the Society. Because today the holidays to see what improvements can give us food, "Long Hair," followed by, "Heineken grid" really old, more often lying on the ground,Like the work of summing up and over a lifetime, as everything that happened now, is no longer involved, and no interest. Janke also past men working his new home, we helped him support a good bed, the placement of the stove. At noon I had eggplantSub-surface, the amount of Nigeria and the sister said, Gu delicious meal made peach. I think this spring in the sister home to Nigeria to do the amount of lamb thing, flashed and six months later, in fact, where I will cook, but the heart just ah, ah. NextAfternoon baking a large amount of the column Nepal Pakistan, Gu Lei began his work on this trip, this time he brought his father 30 years ago, photographs, and Janke's father, Maria's brother Maxim • Cable , On Road pictures of young,My father looked at pictures taken just above where the old, land planing, Neuxar, when the old hunter who is really majestic ah. In the evening, to see how the Society got into the male soldiers quarters, "Long Hair" walk in the back of listless. ThisTravel days for the results to improve the food can imagine. Sure enough, dinner, playing with a go any agreement that in addition to sore feet to see the next few sets of poaching, but nothing to see, tonight the moon is round,After hanging on the tree hill, moonlight Poxian sprinkling cool camp.September 23, 2010
Today wake up early, trees and grass outside are on the cream, pine and grass on crystal particles, in the early sun was bright flashes. Going home today, a little on the old banana shot, where the Society should make movies, Caine g Ao village to take his wife back down the mountain, there is no strong labor the point, so we started carrying water helped the amount of Nigeria, chopping wood. Concentrated time to work, Cool these days, yesterday under the snow, hunters point ahead into the winter. Completely out of the sun after he began shooting Haiqing tert. Haiqing Uncle picked up on the bed of the 7.62 rifle, Mosa Zhao, said that father had used, and talking about his father's life experience in this scene, my heart was very missed.
About noon, the dogs barking up and looked at the distance was getting over, approached the station was identified as rangers and management for their point that the main labor force down the mountain with us today, they are the main Come get some action helped with the burning wood, because the tent to 24 hours a stove fire, so need more reserves of some, we arrested people had done so in full swing. Afternoon bid farewell to the amount of Nepal, sister (Shemariah • Cable's second daughter), Haiqing Shu, Haiqing aunt down the mountain. To da Yongsan, it did not do anything to rectify, just bought some supplies, then rent a car directly to the Hunters Point Neuxar rush, although a little from the Arab para Aunt Shan Only twenty kilometers, but it is difficult to walk the dirt road, this time the sky clouds, driving a rented car kept dragging the bottom, perhaps because of our luggage plus the reason we are overweight. The sky is coming to float the snow, Far to see Neuxar Leng Leng eyes narrowed in tents in front of dogs barking in the Analysis of visitors, then chanted: "Gu Tao come, Oh, that come out." Then he said to himself in said one atmosphere, I know, She was yet to find a wine. Sure enough, a new site the old Zhai take place from the back asked Neuxar, where did you find the wine, I hid so tight. Neuxar more fat, high cheekbones almost bulging eyes have been very small Not crowded, the whole face like a big bread fermentation. Zhai take care of her take care of seems very old yet.
The edge of our tent at night, drinking wine, Neuxar tell their own experiences bear encounter
We are ready to leave and found to accompany us to the simple g drunk, stagger along the way, the mouth has also been talking about the year his father, Maxim, and hunting scenes of his father 30 years ago, Jane grams was 10 years old. September 24, 2010
Ao Xiangjing HOME
Early in the morning to the Iraq and Afghanistan, Darcy took us to a nursing home has 105-year-old Maria • cloth and her brother here, because of cataract, the two old people have been blind. That we are Gu Descendants of the Qing, they are very excited, Darcy is excited to talk in the shooting and his father had some naughty scenes, when he was just nine years old. Very cute. Now, because of the long-term alcohol abuse, only 39 years old His front teeth gone, legs because of an accident after drinking become less deft, and looked like fifty years of age. However, he is still optimistic. Our father had given them according to the angle and shape of photographs taken a few photos. They are very happy, as if the camera shutter them back again one day 30 years ago ... ... Afternoon, we went to the earth plane home, his father was lying on a sofa On Road drops drug, over the years because most of the old hunters who was forced down the mountain cataract. On Road earth plane and bring father and daughter is my father took the Photographs taken of the remains alive, but the passage of time, so that both the old. However, if you can see them smile, you'll know for many years deep in the Mountains near with nature, and that Full of rough and wrinkled face reflected the smile, but it is one of the most sincere and clear. With the changes in things, the philosophical state of mind, in my opinion is so rare. Suddenly, I see the past, often the father Unkempt, dragging his feet were frostbitten in the mountains in the back from the Mountains in front of us the kind of smile.
September 26, 2010
Ali River back home
6:00 we boarded the bus bound for Ali river, there is another area of northern hunting peoples Oroqen, it is our home. Under a heavy rain last night, Zheng Su, dense and fresh morning air, this time Larix Ridge in fog layers in the shadow stretches to the horizon, but also odd to say the car through the forest, the sky is amazing that float with snow blanketed the forest a lovely looking, that I like in a dream scene in general, Dealers 3 hours and 30 minutes later, we are. At this time the snow had turned into rain, wet streets and houses, all trace of dirt in the familiar taste, we made a small arrangement, settle down. September 27, 2010 Adventure home Early in the morning, twists and turns to take to the car, to being shot, "Oroqen people," a documentary on location - ga dong forests. Because yesterday, when the time to learn, Wu Lubu iron were invited to participate in the old hunters shooting. I thought, you can place with the shot, but no commitment to the documentary scene did not make a little time, so give up the original plan. Leisure time and the old hunters chat to us old photos to him, when you see one of them in the village of ancient "Mother and Child" pictures, the old man very happy to say that this is his wife and son, so we show Purpose in coming - 30 years, and then as the "Mother and Child," a group of photos taken, the elderly are very readily agreed. So we agreed to several days to visit his old village in the hunters. Although not filmed the scene, but because with the old Hunters of the contract and that the news, my heart was very relieved.
<Mother and Child>
Photo studio dials afternoon, the more strange things happened, and is collating information, Tujue pair of eyes staring at us, then looked at each other but also turned his head, turned out to be primary school classmate Gu Lei - Wu Tao , Looking back 16 years have not seen, he turned to the field school to school, a university graduate was assigned to the care Township work. In fact, the home of an acquaintance met no fuss, the odd thing is that we are worried about the next stop to care River shooting how to find the old hunters who, Wu Tao has emerged. And he has been working to shore up the river more than ten years, to that person, and things gains a. What a chance ah!
Wu Tao School students
September 29, 2010 Beautiful songs and the hunters who legend has become a memory forever After another two days to find, visit and photograph, there are surprises, there are touched and have regrets. Shuttle drive hundreds of kilometers a day in the woodlands, from the snow to the stretch of golden, although it is tracing the twists and turns, but we still So grateful. Wu Tao in the help to find a few photographs on the year figure in his father, a Pang Qing (then still be the mother of the chubby baby in his arms), color column (who then outstanding on horseback Hunter), there are a few year's Oroqen women now in their prime have entered old age. But unfortunately most of the father in the picture hunters have died; like those beautiful songs and the hunters of the legend, Will never become a memory.
September 30, 2010 Wu Tao Brothers shoot with me to complete the task entrusted River, we have to leave. Tao Gu and friends are prepared to continue his march with horse shooting task, so we began to split up. Wu Lubu iron shot for tomorrow more smoothly, I arrived early and visited the Taru Mei old hunter, chatting in the majority of people that they are now into the farming by hunting, every household has large tracts of farmland , Although my heart thinking about the old sub-group of Luo, but the body has grown used to today's buildings. See me, to always bring 30 years ago, my father and hunting scenes with them, the eyes revealed a light. In the evening, saw the cover on my site, "haiku mountain", though he is fat a lot, but I can recognize, I hope this is my village in Uganda a good start ......
October 1, 2010 Wu Lubu Racecourse Today that "small Taijun" and his mother is not ancient, and all the Racecourse in the Wu Lubu, so the off-road transfer to Xiufeng. Race distance of the town of 120 li Wu Lubu iron, and all fire kilometers, the trip is very difficult, even halfway through the 80 cm depth of the river rapids, but fortunately Xiufeng experience, stunned is safe to open the car backwards To the other side, and later learned that this open, the engine is not easy to water.
More than 2 hours after the bumps, we went to the race, also in this time Gu Tao (who rode a pedestrian yesterday evening arrived five hours, a tired, could not help reminds me of the mountains with his father that year, and hunters ride Hunting the hard ......) After shooting well at noon, "Mother and Child" figures to return to Wu Lubu iron, in order to shoot haiku mountain, but it is regrettable that the night failed to reach him, then commissioned me to contact his family, but May tomorrow Enough to wait.
October 2, 2010 Hunters in the forest subtly maintain ecological balance, and the laws of nature and use it to balance all things. Early the next day arrived, Chaoyang Village, found here has been renamed "Duobukuer" hunters village, the building from afar as much as some European Village, a small town feel, the impression in the room and the red brick house loess have been new construction Housing cover, hunters are helping us to identify with the characters then shot his father. Finally identified a photograph of two children, one of them still alive, while other photos of the characters have passed away, their A young hunter in the film was actually completed in the second year of his father, in their own backyard to find food before the bear was shot dead, can not help but sense of loss of human life is fragile, and the delicate relationship between man and nature, hunters in the forest creep silent Technology to maintain the ecological balance, and the laws of nature and use it to balance all things.
Postscript: October's chilly Mountains, this trip, we visited his father thirty years ago along the route, visit Daxing'anling hunting experience hunting for a national day of national life and culture, but also for the year to give thanks Father to help hunters friend. The complexity of our feelings went both his father's old friends to see the joy of the year, but also hunters of today have lost the heavy traditional hunting - hunters now have mostly rural Do not see 80 years ago by the hunting scenes, some hunters have been admitted to the building, life has been greatly improved. Most hunters have become farmers and peasants. Into their lives, to the deepest feelings The passage of the traditional culture is really fast, as fast unexpected. Now, we even more admiration for his father on the hunting culture thirty years ago, the kind of sensitive about to die, and his 80 years in the national culture of the Northern Hunting Carried out by the rescue of the collation and protection. Note: More on the northern hunting culture log
Father run to record his creative attention and hunting culture in North
Tao Gu
Lei Gu

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