Gudeqing was a photographer,writer, painter and enthusiast who dedicated much of his career to an idealized goal of recording traditional North Hunting Nation cultures and customs. He believe that today is tomorrow’s history, why don’t we seize today to record the history for tomorrow?His opinion of North Hunting Nation as a primitive other race reflects the majority North Hunting Nation perspective, promoting a “myth of a vanishing race, with the North Hunting Nation that are historical features of Inner Mongolia landscape.


Biographical Time Line for Gudeqing


1939  Gudeqing was born in Qiqihar, grows up here, he enjoyed

 machinery, painting, camera and reading novels.


1956  Gudeqing entered Baotou Iron school to learn locksmith, and working in here after graduated, according to art experience, he take the responsibility to be a art editor for 《Baotou Daily》


1960   Gudeqing entered to the Inner Mongolia art school to learn art, therefore dabble in various of arts, preference painting and photography.


1964   Gudeiqing was assigned to the Inner Mongolia Oroqen   borough and engaged in art a photography.fter graduated, and did some works related with photography and accordion accompaniment as well. He got the chance to meet Oroqen, and was attracted by Oroqen’s cultures which are their lifestyle with bravery, courage, legend and mysterious.



1980   Gudeqing realized the profound meaning of the phrase that is "the nation is the world''s", but also was motivated the confidence to research of the nation cultural. He began to research and record the culture and customs by two North Hunting Nation which are Oroqen and Aoluguya Ewenki.


1987   He’s production was displayed in Beijing、Hohhot and  Hailar. His article was published in France, Germany, China Taiwan, Hong Kong and the Mainland national newspapers and magazines.


1991  Gudeqing proposed to establish Oroqen National Museum, and shoulder the chief designer for museum build. After that he became the first curator of Oroqen National Museum.



1998  He has retired, but has been continued to pursue with cultural studies.


2001  He actively involved in planning reconstruction Oroqen Museum, and arranged exhibitions of work, and provided a great deal of rarity photos.


2006 《The series reports of Oroqen Culture》 published, he is the chief designer


Oct.31,2006  Gudeqing dies of illness, at the age of 68 years old.








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