Gu Tao


Gu Tao is the son of Gudeqing. He was a director, painter and enthusiast who dedicated much of his career to an idealized goal of recording traditional North Hunting Nation cultures and customs. He walked along with the tour route that father had, to record the situation of nation’s living the new century by camera.


Biographical Time Line for Gu Tao


1970        Gu Tao was born in Inner Mongolia Hulunbeir


1991- 1995  Gu Tao entered Inner Mongolia Art College to study Painting (oil painting)


2000        Gu Tao entered China Art Academy to study photography


2000        At the same year, He began to produce 《Mongolian expression》


2001-2003  《Is vanishing - the "ship" theme photography》and hold the exhibition in 2002. At the same year, he participated in the second session of the Pingyao International Photography Festival.


2005       He began to produce documentary《Aoluguya》and 《My body is up to you》


2006       He Began to produce documentary 《Humai in Beijing》、《China Behavior》and《China, Songzhuang


2006       The documentary《Aoluguya》 obtain “the most potential for international sales award" in Guangzhou Documentary Film Festival. Concept photography《Mongolian expression》gain the "self determination" Grand Prize By Nikon.


2007        He began to produce documentary 《God nebula》and《Hugo''''s Holiday》


2007        The documentary 《China, Songzhuang》obtain the "best proposal" in Guangzhou Documentary Film Festival. At the same year, he participated in the Singapore International Film Festival and the Fourth China Independent Film Week.


2008        He began to produce documentary 《Tuozhamin》and 《Find The Track》,


2008        He attend to Niuyuelaike Foundation the Fourth “REEL CHINA” Documentary Biennial of Contemporary China, at the same year, Gu Tao participate in the Fifth Annual Exhibition of Chinese independent films and won the Top Ten prize.


2009        He began to produce documentary 《Mausoleum keeper of Genghis Khan》.At the same year, he attend China Independent Film Week in Tokyo.


2010        The documentary《Aoluguya》was awarded the Gold prize of the "Magnolia Award" natural in Shanghai Film Festival.



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